The Electoral College Documents

electoralcollege1824-largeMuch has been said about the Electoral College the past month. This page at the National Archives lists all the relevant sections of the US Constitution.

There is nothing in the constitution that requires electors to vote as mandated by the state.  Any such laws exist at the state level.

Presidential Elections Laws in the US Constitution.

The image on the right is the Electoral College votes for the 1824 Presidential election which eventually say John Quincy Adams selected by the US House.  This election lead Andrew Jackson to form the Democratic Party.

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Meeting on Nov 29, Tuesday at 6pm

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, Nov 29 at 6pm at the Billings Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 2032 Central Ave.

We will be looking at what we’ve learned in the past couple of weeks and talking about how to move foward.


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Campaign finance disclosure

The issues around campaign finance are many, interwoven and complex and yet very simple at the same time. This Time article talks about how some of the impacts of money on politics and the current state of campaign finance disclosure.

Do We Really Need Campaign Finance Reform?

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We are trending towards the least informed electorate ever

Combine a declining pool of independent and informed journalists, declining revenue for print, the failure of the blogosphere to replace print journal as the new independent, credible source of information, the growing dominance of video, the growing dominance of big money in politics, a growing dissonance between promises and delivery, and the lack of critical skills in consuming media with a representative democracy and you’re primed for trouble with a capital T.

This is an interesting article on the situation here in Montana with a focus on how hard it is to be informed down ballot.

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